Tracing the Light with Barnstaple Youth Council


In this workshop, we began to explore other ways the camera obscura can be put to use. I installed 2 more lenses and a number of easels inside the obscura. This let us take over the role of recording light ourselves by tracing the images onto paper using pencil, pastel and charcoal. Although you might think this could be cheating, it was proved to be far from easy. Fidgety subjects that shifted in focus and a projection that disappeared behind your own shadow added a good amount of challenge for our artists! 

DSC_6633Residencylowres DSC_6638Residencylowres DSC_6641Residencylowres  DSC_6644Residencylowres DSC_6656Residencylowres DSC_6658Residencylowres DSC_6664Residencylowres DSC_6674Residencylowres DSC_0023Residencylowres DSC_6693Residencylowres DSC_0025Residencylowres

Drawing with Light from Sam White on Vimeo.

We also tried our hand using a camera lucida to capture an image and looked at new ways to create abstract forms with a photographic enlarger. This workshop was run as part of my residency at St Annes Arts and Community Centre. To find out more about future events you can get involved in – see the poster below and email to make a booking.

public poster

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