A private view.. Light Play exhibition opening at St Anne’s


Come along on Friday 28th February for the private view – a chance to see the work that I have been making, as well as images made by students and visitors to my workshop during the 3-week residency. Below are just a sample of images…

I will also be offering free portraits like those in the first image – shot using my camera obscura. I  have some paper and chemicals left over from the exhibition, so thought I may as well use them, and it is a fantastic way to see and understand the process of photography and the camera obscura… Get there early incase I run out!!

DSC_6747invertlowresDSC_6641ResidencylowresDSC_6750invert DSC_6746 DSC_6742 DSC_6735DSC_0002DSC_6693Residencylowres

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