Things I like.

Bright Bites  – Plenty of information here about camera obscuras – the FAQs are worth a read.

Paleo Camera – Matt Gatton has developed theories and experiments suggesting cave dwellers used the principles of the camera obscura to execute their cave paintings.

Pinhole Pedallers – A project that run in 2011, touring the South West with a portable obscura – towed entirely by bike. This is what I started before lightplay!

Ffotogallery – A great Cardiff based gallery doing plenty of interesting things with contemporary photography. The LightBox is also a great resource for teachers and learners. This stunning video is by Ian Ruhter – a giant wet collodion camera. I am hoping to get my own obscura working in a similar way in the future. The video is all a bit melodramatic for me, but I can’t fault the photography..

Pinch Beck Photo Large scale direct positive paper pinhole photography.. phew! Although some of the information on the right is inaccurate (the paper is still available, albeit very costly, and they are certainly not the largest images as Learoyd below creates larger images!) it’s another great example of what can be achieved with the fundamentals of light.

Richard Learoyd Learoyd uses a simple obscura with a magnificent lens lifted from a WWII spy plane to create these incredible portraits and still life arrangements. I have seen many of these first hand and was lucky enough to work as his assistant way back. His work is in New York and the V&A collection – go seek it out! His website is not that active – a quick Google search will yield many more images.

DE Photographic – If you need commercial photographers who are very good at what they do, gotta look to these chaps first.. An alternative photographer, some interesting bits and pieces.

Brendan Barry – A talented large format photographer, book maker and teacher.

Dr Franken Film – Information on creating your own chemical developers. Take care now!

Afghan Box Camera – Essentially, a very simply camera with a mini darkroom inside. A beautifully simple idea – high on my list of things to try!

Camera Obscura timeline –  A chronogical look at the development of the camera obsucra

I will be adding to these when I come across new things that interest me. Let me know if I have forgotten anyone or if you have something I might like to add – always good to see and support new ideas.

One thought on “Links

  1. Good luck with your project- as a lover of pinhole cameras myself I was delighted to see my three young girls enjoying the magic and expanding their minds! Thank You! (We met you at Exeter Guildhall!)

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