Here is some examples of feedback from the obscura gathered across different projects and events.

”We had the most fascinating day working with Sam White and his camera obscura.  Our pupils were challenged to think about how camera’s work and images are made with light.  It was a very hands on day full of learning opportunities.  Sam has a great approach with children, they responded really well to his questioning techniques and practical help.  I only wish the day had been longer so that we could have learned and experimented more! ” Zoe Batemen, Head of Art at Braunton Academy

‘’Wow! A fantastic project, a really involving and accessible way of teaching people.’’

‘’A really fascinating way to learn about Photography’’

‘’Beautiful, relaxing, like a dream yet like an awakened state. Watching the water moving across the sheet was inspiring…explore, experiment, engage, enjoy, have fun, play and get on your bike. These are things this experience can inspire inside.’’

‘’I have learnt things about photography that have confused me for many months moons. Good luck with the tour’’

‘’A very interesting afternoon, makes it easier to understand how a camera works. Relaxing spot with lovely photo opportunities. Definitely a good spot for a camera workshop.’’

‘’I liked what I saw today and the pinhole camera was amazing and it is very peaceful’’

‘’I think it was very interesting to know how to take pictures in interesting spots I enjoyed it very much.’’

‘’Was enjoyable to use a camera of that size. Chose a good picturesque location. Loved it.’’

‘’Coming across something different is fantastic, especially when you don’t expect it.’’

‘’The camera obscura was an absolutely great way of engaging members of a diverse community. A simple yet accessible activity provided a useful insight into a form of art which thaey have not otherwise encountered.’’

‘’Thank you for a good break it was very interesting and surprising how it works. Good fun.’’

‘I really enjoyed seeing and using the camera obscura and thought the photo it produced was excellent’’

A fascinating experiment to show how effective a very basic pinhole camera can be. I was amazed at the crispness of the image and the effectiveness of the super wide aperture. Thanks, it was fun’’

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