Day 1 – Exeter Quay with the camera obscura

Welcome! The pictures are below from the first day – a visit to Exeter’s Quay.

I chose the site as it has a good stream of people, good views of the river – a scene with plenty of movement and colour, and a great big red and white structure that makes a great subject for focussing. Sadly I couldn’t pick the weather! Despite the very grey, flat light and mild drizzle it was amazing to show a steady stream (and at one stage, a modest queue!) inside the camera. The magic of seeing a full colour, live image was captivating – it was fun the basics and yet them lose – pulling focus themselves, discovering the strange effects of tilt and shifts, trying to keep birds and bike riders in focus on the path.

All in all a good day was had! BIG thank you to Max and Fried for lending me a hand with the obscura – and for standing in the cold all that time!

Also – any visitors from today who would like to learn more about camera obscuras are very welcome to come to my talk ‘Traps to catch Sunbeams’ on that very subject! 26th April, Exeter.

Part of NOSE2013 – 3 days of unexpected art across Exeter.

The camera obscura

The obscura!

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