NOSE 2013


Really looking forward to being part of NOSE 2013! Seems to me to be a really refreshing approach – and the ‘art as experience’ approach really matches up with how I view the obscura. It’ll be the first outing of my latest obscura (sorry, no pictures yet – you’ll just have to come and see it for yourself!)

”Not Open Studios Exeter 2013 is a fringe event, Arts festival, exhibition and celebration. As its title suggests, the focus is on artworks and Artists working outside of the confines of studio-based practice. It will take place alongside Exeter Open Studios [21st – 24th March]. NOSE2013 is taking the roles of shadow curator and agent provocateur to this cultural event.
The non-geography of NOSE2013 serves as a perfect foil to the location-specific Artists’ studios and seeks to frame the entire City as a spectacular event, albeit at times elusive and surreptitious. NOSE2013 seeks to promote Art as experience, something that is literally ‘in front of your face’, present all over the City and waiting to be discovered.”

Saturday 23rd, 1-3pm, Exeter Quay

On Saturday I will be installing the camera obscura on the quay – location below. Ride near the read and white metal structure on the patch of grass. I will be inviting passer bys to step inside, explore how it works, and see the city in a new light. I will also be taking simple portraits that I will be putting online later on – providing a document of the day.

Sunday 24th, 1-3pm, Exeter Catacombs

 On Sunday I will be be trying something a bit different – I hope to get members of the public to contribute towards a collective drawing of the city. Within the camera will be a canvas and easel – light wil be focussed on to the canvas allowing participants to record it directly – tracing its lines, colours and shapes directly. You can find it above the catacombs, taking the views across the iron bridge. Come along – no artistic talent required!

Have a look at the other artists taking part – some great projects and art works happening all over the city.

If you can’t make it there will also be coverage on from Phonic FM – learn more here

Quick note – if the weather decides to be terrible, I won’t be able to set the camera up. Bit of rain is fine, but anything heavy or if it is particularly windy, I won’t be setting up. Don’t want to be blown away in my camera! Although the pictures could be interesting…

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