Guitar Zero video screening – Multiplexer, Las Vegas

A video piece called ‘Guitar Zero‘ has been selected for an exhibition in Las Vegas by MultiplexerMultiplexer is a new art space Downtown in the City of Las Vegas. The exhibits will focus on the potential of video as a medium, and away from the over explored, web-based sensationalism, corporate media and Hollywood film industry. The space exhibits work that crosses the threshold from visual language to relevant and poignant explorations in a wide variety of subjects and motifs.

It seems an ideal venue for my work. The piece Guitar Zero was part of a larger body of experimental work that I produced whilst studying for my Photography degree. The work playfully altered the context of domestic technologies in order to reveal their absurdities. The pieces are fun, experimental and humorous – with focus remaining on content and making the point instead of polished aesthetics and production values. Guitar Zero is below. Thanks again to Matt and James for their heroic performances, and patience. Give it a view, let me know what you think.

If you do happen to find yourself in Las Vegas next month – go see. There is a building excitement around the project and I will be sad not to be able to see the venue, nor my work on show!

Here is a recent review of the exhibition, included in the Las Vegas city life paper. ‘Shrewd Loops – Video Art that aims to change the way you look at media

Below is a show reel from the body of work that followed all of these individual experiments and was exhibited in London back in 2009. The Garden Series.