Pinhole Pedallers Exhibition – Castle Drogo

The Pinhole Pedallers returned to Castle Drogo on the 31st March, 2012 for an exciting exhibition to celebrate the Dartmoor stretch of our summer tour. The date was set to coincide with Active Dartmoor, a National Park event aimed at celebrating Dartmoor’s outdoor pursuits. The exhibition is generously supported by South West Colour Laboratories. Below is a excerpt of the exhibition, but for more information and plenty of pictures from the tour please view the dedicated project website –

On show were photographs taken during the tour, which involved visiting a Dartmoor’s wild landscapes with a giant camera obscura in tow. People were invited inside the obscura to see the magical projections of the landscape and offered interactive portraits. The exhibition concentrated on the Dartmoor section of the wider journey through the South West. An exciting new addition involved light-sensitive paper – which allowed us to capture the light of the obscura in exciting new ways – there and then! We were using SunPrint – light sensitive paper that can be processed in water, without the need for any damaging chemicals. When pinned to the focussing screen it recorded the details over time.

Although the sky was a little grey, the obscura was working well and we were able to invite a good number to step inside before offering portraits with a difference! Here are a few from the day – big Thank You to all of our participants!

Below is one of the pictures that was printed up and on show – taken during the 2012 Summer Tour by the Pinhole Pedallers

Below is the Pinhole Pedallers on the road! We carried all of our equipment by bike, using the excellent Carry Freedom Trailers to haul our gear and the obscura across the South West to the regions most beautiful (and often most hilly!) landscapes.

I would like to say a big Thank You to all the organisations and individuals who supported The Pinhole Pedallers. We are particularly grateful to all those who supported it first during the crowdfunding campaign – without this initial pledge of support it would never have happened! Keep watching the website to see where it’ll be heading in future..

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