South Devon’s Dark Skies

Alongside the Fixed Point Photography project I have been using the same sites to explore light pollution in the South Devon AONB. Photography is a perfect medium to explore this growing issue, as it perfectly illustrates the impacts upon the landscape and the night sky. Light Pollution is a growing issue as our towns and villages emit a steady glow across the horizon, at times obliterating the view of the beautiful night sky for miles around. There are a number of problems caused by  light pollution, aside from obscuring the beautiful night sky and denying us the peace and rest that comes with a truly dark sky.

In the image above you can see the light pollution from Paignton in the middle of the frame, and smaller towns either side. This image was taken from East Cornworthy, using one of the South Devon AONB‘s Fixed Point Photography sites.

Above, can clearly see the glow of above Totnes and its reflection in the Dart. It was taken from Sharpham Estate (on the coldest night of the year!) looking north. Further to the right (east) of the image you can again see the haze over Paignton.

In the below image I have taken a 360 degree panoramic before turning it into a ‘planet’ which allows you to see all the points of the compass TO identify key areas of light pollution in the surrounding areas. It is intended to be a more accesible way to represent the issues visually. You can really see how much darker the sky is away from the highly populated glow of nearby towns, and it is here you would be able to see the night star more clearly.

If you would like to know more about the issues around light pollution, including what can be done about it, please visit the Dark Sky Association or see the Campaign for Dark Skies UK.

If you have any questions about my work, or would like something to similar to be a carried out in your area, get in touch.