About Me

P1020539Sam White

Exhibitions and events

I am an artist, photographer and educator based in the South West. I first started studying photography in 2004 where I became fascinated by the process. This was a theme that continued through my degree in Photography.

After assisting an artist who used a camera obscura, I began to experiment in my own way with the device, starting with the Pinhole Pedallers project in 2010. Since then I have been developing and refining the process. At the moment I am fixing the light with various light sensitive chemicals with a view to creating large, highly detailed landscape photographs of the natural spaces near my home.

Over the past few years I have developed workshops alongside this work. This is a great way to share my passion for photography and the knowledge I have acquired over the years. My workshops are delivered with an emphasis on hands-on experimentation and learning through exploration and questioning.

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