Pinhole Pedallers

In summer 2011 I started a project called the Pinhole Pedallers.

It started with building a large camera obscura, one big enough to climb inside, before packing it all on bicycle trailers and taking to the road. The idea was to celebrate some of the South West’s finest landscapes, inviting people inside to look at the projections, and offering portraits of locals and tourists within the landscapes. For me, it combined 3 huge passions of mine – photography, bikes and landscapes, and I was lucky persuade good friends Louise & Iona to come along.. Below is a sample of photographs taken on tour, but to see Blog entries, the full galleries and more – visit the dedicated website – Below I also have a video and some feedback from the project. I am now looking to take the obscura to events and exhibitions, and collaborating with artists- if you are interested in any of this please get in touch!

”Wow! A fantastic project, really involving and accessible way of teaching people” Jeremy – Tamar Valley AONB visit

”Coming across something different is fantastic, especially when you don’t expect it.” Mike – Plymouth City Centre, hosted by FOTONOW

’Beautiful, relaxing, like a dream yet like an awakened state. Watching the water moving across the sheet was inspiring…explore, experiment, engage, enjoy, have fun, play and get on your bike. These are things this experience can inspire inside.” Kate – Tamar Valley AONB visit

‘’I liked what I saw today and the pinhole camera was amazing and it is very peaceful’’ Jenny – Dartmoor (Haytor) visit

”A fascinating experiment to show how effective a very basic pinhole camera can be. I was amazed at the crispness of the image and the effectiveness of the super wide aperture. Thanks, it was fun’’ Mr G – Dartmoor (Postbridge visit)

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