Not Open Studios Exeter 2015


Not Open Studios Exeter 2015

It was that As part of Not Open Studio Exeter, an interactive arts festival, I took my newly finished Afghan Box Camera onto the streets. I took in my favourite views of the city and inviting passer-bys to sit (or stand) for a portrait. I hadn’t had chance to test the camera in such bright light, and sure enough it revealed new light leaks that weren’t a problem on some of the grey practice days. These were soon fixed with liberal application of gaffa tape, and by sticking to the smallest aperture the camera offered (f22) I was able to get it working nicely. The camera invited intrigue – ‘Is that a victorian camera?’ ‘How do you see the pictures?’ etc. and having been shown the process people were quickly amazed at how simple it really is.

Scroll down for the images.

Thanks to everyone who sat, and the Stu from NOSE2015 for making it all happen.

120156 120157 120152 120155 120154 120153 120151 120150 120147 120145 120146 120141 120140 120139 120137 120136 120157


Show your working..

Below are a few examples of technically bad but visually good images.. happy accidents, in other words..


120135 120158 120151 120148 120158 120149


To see more about how the camera was made, see below :


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