Velo Vintage 2014

A selection of portraits from Vintage Velo 2014

Big thank you to all my sitters – your prints will soon be in the post. It was great to see so many fine machines and fine folk out in the sunshine! It was the sunniest day I’ve had the obscura out – those who took a peek inside were treated to some truly amazing sights, with colour, movement and shiny, glinting bikes.

It was great to have people back for another portrait, having photographed them at the last Velo Vintage I visited.

 DSC_7193VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-4 DSC_7163VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-5 DSC_7134VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-5 DSC_7119VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay DSC_7095VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-5  DSC_7028VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-4 DSC_7041VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay

DSC_7126VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-5DSC_6965VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay DSC_6946VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay  DSC_6913VeloVintage2014 - Sam White - Lightplay-5

I’m already looking forward to next year..

If you’d like to hear more about having the camera obscura along to your events, get in touch!



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