closeup img009

These image were created in the darkroom, by adapting the negative mount and the enlarger itself to accept real things… I tried it first with a dead spider I found on my windowsill, and some leaves from my garden. Some of the examples below have been inverted (digitally, for now)..

Walking in the woods, I began to collect other subjects – leaves, feathers, seeds…img003_ img005_ img011_ img016_ img012 img012_ img010_ img008_ img018 img019_

I’m now collecting wherever I go, and printing new subjects in the evening. This new direction is so appealing, missing out negatives once again & and projecting light through physical objects. It enlarges the subject to such a massive scale you can see new shapes and subtleties within it. All the subjects were found in a short walk and around the house and I’m constantly finding new subjects to try. At the moment I’m just experimenting, but I can see this developing into a major new way of creating images for me. Below are some photographs taken during the process. I am still developing the technique, using glass slides, adapting the enlarger to reflect and add to the existing lighting and looking how feasible it’ll be to try colour printing.

DSC_6835Residencylowres DSC_6838Residencylowres DSC_6834Residencylowres



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