December Drop In

DSC_0052December DSC_0063December

Today I opened my studio to the public – a great chance to test out with some new contraptions..

Although the camera obscura was in the studio, I wanted to focus on trying out some new contraptions that played with light in a new way. First up, I invited people to try my Upside Down Goggles.. and to demonstrate their inverted abilities by writing their name on a canvas on the wall! I had a good few goes, but still couldn’t manage much at all without lots of lengthy pauses, many (repeated) mistakes, and general unfathomable confusion. Different people worked in different ways – large, confident lines that zig-zagged their letters, or small, slow, tentative moves that slowly found their shape. As people were indecisive with which way they needed to go – the pen began to bleed out, which highlighted the areas of confusion really well.

DSC_0029DecemberDSC_0033DecemberDSC_0036December DSC_0039DecemberDSC_0050DecemberDSC_0051December

Here are some of their valiant efforts, photographed through the goggles so they appear correct(ish!)

DSC_0046DecemberDSC_0045DecemberDSC_0044DecemberNot bad! Next up, was the camera lucida. Despite being, in my mind at least – wrongly named (the true definition of camera means chamber, or room, and the lucida works without a space like that…picky, I know!) the camera lucida is an interesting object nonetheless, and I’m glad to have one now! Essentially, just a prism on the end of a stick, it allows you to view both your paper AND the subject in front of you (in this case, a violin) so you can trace the image with a pencil. It takes a bit of a knack to get it working, but quite quickly you get used to it and can trace the light confidently. My lucida is from a fantastic and very successful Kickstarter campaign, called NeoLucida – they will soon be announcing ways for people who aren’t backers to purchase them. Do it! They’ve also made a great video about it – and here is it at work :

DSC_0048December DSC_0037December DSC_0035December DSC_0028December DSC_0027December DSC_0024December

Next event (next week!) will be Light Play, a group exhibition at the Double Negative Darkrooms in Hackney, Saturday 7th. Come along!

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