Upside-down goggles


A lot of the visitors in the obscura ask what you’d have to do to flip the image the right way around. One way to do this (although you’d lose a lot of light) is to pass the light through a Dove prism – and I’ve been meaning to experiment with them for a while..

By attaching two Dove Prisms to some goggles, you are able to view the world upside down, mimicking how your brain would be receiving the image in reality (but bizarrely, the horizontal axis is maintained as it should be). Can’t wait to try it in the obscura.. but for now, housemates and friends have been attempting to lift things, stack things and walk upstairs with them on..

If you want to try them, see the obscura and a few other bits and pieces – come along to the December Drop In this Sunday at EVA Studios. Click here to see more. After that, I’ll be taking them along to Light Play, an exhibition the Double Negative Darkroom, Hackney, London.. along with a new contraption called a Pseudoscope that I’m still building.

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