I offer talks and demonstrations on the history of the camera obscura, looking at how it influenced technology and culture. My talks are the product of the past few years designing, building and using camera obscuras, and researching the many ways in which they have been used in the past. It can be tailored in more detail for local photography groups, and includes :

  • The earliest known mentions of camera obscuraA still life of objects from the studio
  • How the camer obscura not only revolutionised our understanding of the inner workings of the eye but also allowed us to see deep into outer space
  • Varying designs and their advantages
  • How artists put them to use – with historic and contemporary examples (and some myth busting!)
  • How a camera obscura had one man accused imprisoned for witchcraft,
  • Advice on building your own

Available for talks and visits across the South West. If you are interested in hearing more or have an enquiry from further afield, please get in touch.

‘A really fascinating way to learn about Photography’ – Louise Grant

‘I have learnt things about photography that have confused me for many months moons!’ – Piers Griffin

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