Photography groups

Learning about the camera obscura can provide a useful new perpective on photography and its place in the development of modern photography. By reducing it to its component parts we can see the fundamental elements of photography plainly.

I now offer an extended visit to photo groups and classes – bringing with me a camera obscura you can climb inside, a perfect activity to do before my talk. We can also shoot portraits of the members afterwards.

The obscura will allow you to :

  • See how and why varying aperture affect depth of field affects an image
  • Explore differences in lenses, and the real effects of different focal lengths.
  • Demonstrate how light is focussed
  • Clearly explain terms such as focal length, dioptre and aperture and their effects upon the image
  • Discover the history of the camera obscura, with historical and contemporary examples of their use within the arts.

The talk is well researched, and includes the following:

  • The earliest known mentions of camera obscura
  • How the camera obscura not only revolutionised our understanding of the inner workings of the eye but also allowed us to see deep into outer space
  • Varying designs and their advantages and applications
  • How artists put them to use – with historic and contemporary examples (and some myth busting!)
  • How a camera obscura had one man accused imprisoned for witchcraft,
  • Advice on building your own

I am CRB checked, and fully insured.

For information and prices, please get in touch by emailing sam[@]

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