UnExpected Exeter

Yesterday I was pleased to be providing Exeter with something truly UnExpected yesterday. I was invited to install my camera obscura in Guildhall market, and spent the day offering portraits to the people of Exeter. It was all part of UnExpected Exeter  a new festival that takes art and performance into new places. There was so much good stuff going on I was proud to be a part of it all. https://vimeo.com/75226121 It was a really busy day! After inviting each group inside, as the doors were unzipped there would always be another group of curious, eager faces waiting to have a look too. Some people stayed inside a good while, watching me show others and take portraits, seeing Exeter upside down and back to front… and slowly getting a better grasp of how it all works! It was clear just how creative a bunch Exeter folk are, with lots of people really interested in photography, studying for different creative courses and coming up with new ways to play with the light inside the camera obscura. img_0091 Big thank you to my friends and family that helped me on the day, and to everyone who stepped inside, got photographed or danced in front of the camera! Also thanks to Stuart, who was great with crowd control and took the above photo (I have so few pictures of the obscura in action!).. Tam who came to hear more about the history and design of the obscura (hope it helped – get in touch!).. I have since had a few requests for prints of the portraits – if you would like a copy I can have a 10×8 print made and delivered for £12 – please email sam [at] pinholepedallers.org for more details (or get in touch here).

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