A vintage visit..

Well well – a truly spiffing time was had yesterday.

Later this summer I’ll be teaming up with Velo Vintage – taking the camera obscura to offer some stunning photographic portraits of the riders in their tweed and classic bicycles. With bikes being a particular passion of mine (See here. And here) this’ll be a great chance to record these fantastic classic steeds and their well-dressed riders in a fittingly special way. The optics of the obscura suits it so well, providing the pin sharp detail and softened edges, perspective shifts and vibrant colours.

We made the most of a stunning summers day to have a practice run. Rebecca and Holly from Bikelands (a great place to pick up a bike or bits for the occasion!) proved ideal subjects, as well as Alistair and his incredible vintage tandem  (complete with umbrella rack) and a tweed cloak!

Go and have a look over at www.velovintage.co.uk for pictures and video from the last ride (try and spot me!). It is such a great event, so much fun I couldn’t recommend it enough so make sure you have a look. A La Ronde will make a perfect spot to stop for tea, admire the views and the amazing house, check out the bikes, take in the tweed and get a portrait with a difference with me! June 15th. Put it in your diary!

Below is something rare – me infront of a camera.. as opposed to in one! See you in June.  And is it just me – or would A La Ronde make an incredible camera obscura!


2 thoughts on “A vintage visit..

  1. In 30 years, do you suppose people will be using their film cameras to take pictures of their classic and vintage carbon fiber frames?

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