A Private View – Exeter Arts Hub

The open exhibition is open! Was really excited to be showing the camera obscura in a gallery for the first time – and was really pleased with the feedback. More pictures are to come soon of the over all set up but for now, here are a few portraits of artists and visitors that came to the opening night. Thank you all for your participation and patience, and sorry for the blinding light!

The exhibition is full of varied and amazingly talented artists – go and see, it is open until Friday 6th Feb. Details here.


Because the light levels indoors is a small fraction compared to a sunny day, I had to supplement light levels with some extra lamps. I couldn’t use quite as much as I needed without blinding visitors who had come to see the rest of the (fantastic!) exhibition, but I am pleased with these first attempts at trying a studio set up and can see some really interesting images developing. A friend of mine is keen to do some paintings using the obscura too, and I am likely to be at the space and experimenting within the week so if you want to see it come and visit – you may even get a portrait out of it!

Alongside the obscura, I am also displaying pictures from my bookwork – Common and some experimental new pieces made with instant film, Light Play.Pictures below.


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